Tubes and lugs

Tomo bikes is born out of a passion for all things bike.

I am lucky enough to have ridden all sorts of bikes, in all sorts of places, with a lot of beautiful people and my shed overfloweth with beautiful but well used bikes.

When looking for my next ride I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. I wanted something unique and individual to the way I wanted my bike to be. I also had a passion for engineering and making things.

It seemed like an idea time to start making my own. Starting with a cyclocross frame and forks, then a road bike frame and forks, then a mountian bike for my son and mixte for my wife.

Now I build custom steel bicycles for those that want a bike that is individual, sized to fit that blends function and form to be just what you want. If you are interested in exploring please contact me to discuss your perfect bike.

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