Longtail Cargo Bike paint

Finally got round to choosing the paint scheme for the longtail cargo bike. After some thought I decided to keep the original paint on the front. It had some memorable scars from our previous life together but wasn’t too bad overall. Once finished, it also allowed me to get a few miles on it. I was originally going to run a hub gear setup, which still may happen but the shifter I had wouldn’t work so started off with a derailleur setup. It would benefit from an extra chain tensioner in this form so that may happen if it stays like this for long.

Bike packing bags

I was planning a big trip for this year and as well as making the bike I fancied a go at making some bags for the trip. I’d never done anything like that before so got hold of a sewing machine and a very welcome bit of help from a friend for how to use it. These are the first attempts. Some cordura, wax-cotton and a bit of recycled climbing gear. Testing so far has gone well. Looking forward to doing more.