Tall bike packing

The third part of our tall bike quest was to give them a proper bike packing trial. The frame size makes packing them relatively easy and seems to leave the handling pretty much unaffected. They also make surprisingly good touring bikes with plenty of stability and provide fantastic views over hedges.

Tall bike test ride

After finishing the build and paint of Cass’ tallbike we arranged a meet in Bristol for the build and test ride. We lucked out with the weather and had a great time cruising the town. To fully appreciate a tallbike you really have to ride one. The number of conversations you have and smiles you see never cease to amaze me. Good times.

Cass’ On-One tallbike

After meeting Cass Gilbert at the Bespoked show last year we agreed to make him a tall bike after he’d had taken some photos and had a quick test ride of mine. He had an On-One Inbred 29er that he had a strong bond with but wasn’t being used any more so it seemed like the perfect candidate. We spent a very enjoyable weekend massaging it into something a little taller. He looked a bit less worried as things started going back together!