London Bike Kitchen Wheel building course

Alex LBK_3I’ve just been lucky enough to spend the last two evenings with Alex at London Bike Kitchen¬†learning how to build wheels properly. Can’t wait to get some bits together and get building. The winter evenings will never be the same.

Checkout –¬†

Nice classic Kona jumper too!


Custom stainless pannier rack

Lisy needed a rack for her Mixte so it was a chance to make a stainless one. Got a new Ridgid tube bender, some 10mm tubing and 4mm plate and bobs your uncle. I’ve tried using cheaper tube benders before but this made the job much easier. Solid handles, with flat sides to easily lock in the vice. Angle marker made it much easier to get the angles close to that desired.

IMG_1312_3 IMG_1311_3