Frame number 1

So first frame (not on a course). Fairly basic cromo pipes, in case it all goes horribly wrong, geared roadie frame to replace my slightly well used Kona Deluxe. Initial jig setup was done by putting the old frame in and building to that shape. I was desperately trying to curb the urge just to build something with enough practice and some level of measurement and design. Boy did I warm those tubes up though!



IMG_0160_2IMG_0286_2 IMG_0293_2 IMG_0329_2


IMG_0393_2Job (nearly) done. The head angle is an optical illusion courtesy of the iphone (honest). Just need to ream and face it and sort some paint. Roll spring time.

Baby frame

When I got my home brazing gear I needed something to test it with so bought some practice tubes, cut them all in half to make some cute little frames. Half lugged, half fillet brazed. The other one was half fillet brazed, half lugged! This was using oxy/propane which took a little getting used to from practicing with Acetylene. It heats up differently. Well that’s my excuse – just need some practice really.


New tubes

I love when a box of tubes turns up. New possibilities abound. This is a set of Columbus Chromor for my single speed replacement and some 19mm, 16mm and 14mm tubing for some experimentation in the near future!


Frame jig

IMG_0151_2Having checked out the price of commercially available jigs I decided to build my own to help with trying to get things straight. RS components stock these aluminium sections. I made the attachments to hold the bottom bracket, seat tube and head tube on the lathe. Lots of adjustment for frame size and angles.

Bespoked 2014

Awesome bespoke bike show at the Olympic Velodrome. Lots of beautiful bikes there this year, a top class brownie from Look Mum No Hands and great weather for the ride home.



First frame

This was m,y first frame built on the Downland cycles frame course. I wanted to try as many braze on’s as possible, so it’s got canti mounts, disk mount, bottle bosses and internal cable routing for the rear brake on the top tube. It’s made of Columbus Spirit tubing and weight in around 4lbs.








Next job was to go on the fork course and sort some of those out for it.









I wanted to try a uni-crown disk fork, as the most likely thing i’d want to repeat in the future. Pretty chunky but happy with the look of those.

Cyclocross frame and fork