Lisy’s Mixte frame

Having seen the rest of the household with new frames my wife wanted in on the game. She was struggling with her old shopping bike so we decided on a Mixte style for lighter work of the school run and the chance for some fun on the weekend. I went for some skinny seatstays slightly curved in at the top and waisted the toptubes to try and give it some nice lines. It’s got enough room for some 28c tyres and mudguards and stainless rack mounts.

Fortunately I have outsourced the colour to choice to the rider. I thought I was bad!!

Mixte1 Mixte2

Conrod wishbone seat stays

117Being a motorcycle fan I wanted to include some moto style into a bike frame. Whilst considering wishbone stays I figured a smallish moto conrod could possibly do the job. A lot of them, particularly modern jap ones, are pretty ugly. A few look a bit better and these Triumph ones have Triumph embossed into them and are about the right size. Cut some plugs into the base that will fit into 14mm stays, carve out most of the underside, the small end to fit the seat tube and bobs your uncle.