DIY Bamboo Frames

And now for something completely different. When browsing Kickstarter one day, we came across a really neat looking Bamboo frame idea. Self build Bamboo frames with the box it’s sent in becoming the frame jig. I always fancied building one and was fortunate enough to find another 3 willing victims. The kits look great – just need the other two of the four to turn up now! A weekend of epoxy, beer and pizza coming up me thinks.

Bamboo box 1 Bamboo box 2 Bamboo box 3

Velowland finishing sitting pretty on Tomo Bikes conrod bike


One of the most fabulous looking products at the Spin Show was the Velowland finishing metal and wood effects. For me the copper and brass coatings looked the business. They are great guys and we seemed to have very similar ideas. I have had a project in mind with a friend for some time and their work will be perfect for it.

I look forward to a very exciting collaboration with these guys.

By the time we got home the sun was going down but just had enough time to fit this brass seat to the conrod bike and let it shine in the fading light. It looks bloomin awesome! Thanks guys.Velowland1

Trakke-d down a bag


I knew I was in trouble on the first day at the Spin show. Lots of lovely bag products around. Sire enough Lisy tracked down the lovely people at the Trakke bag stand and fleeced me for a very nice small courier bag. It did look fantastic so hopefully a brownie point gained for all the up coming shed time.

Thanks Trakke. Keep up the beautiful work.

Hiplock-ed stool



I loved the look of the new Hiplock belt locks. They are really comfortable to wear and a good range of price/performance to choose from. Had a quick chat with the guys on their stand and a deal was done. This stool won’t be going anywhere in a hurry now.

We were very pleased to have the stools over the weekend. Legs are aching a bit and it was great to take the weight off for a bit. We also had a few enquiries about supplying them we’ll be more than happy to do. There’s something pretty cool about Columbus tubed, fillet brazed bike stool.

Many thanks Hiplock.

Spin London Show Report

067_2OMG! What an amazing time we had this weekend. So many thanks to all the lovely people we met and talked to, the other suppliers and the guys from Spin. Such an enjoyable weekend, we’re on a complete high. We got our first confirmed sales from the show this morning, which was brilliant. The stand seem to work pretty well and we had lots of positive comments about the bikes, handlebars and even the stools! We could do with some sales to get back to evens after Lisy visited the fabulous Trakke Bags stand.

Big up to our near neighbours Bobbins, Erenpreiss, Gi Bike, Vel-oh, Velowland, Hiplock, Arcc, Malcolm who made it a very sociable weekend. Lovely people you are and everyone we spoke to were just great.

We also came aware 3 amazing opportunities for collaboration with some great companies. Bring on the dawn, we’re up for it.

Setup at Spin London Cycle Show 2015

All set-up completed last night, ready for the Spin London Urban Cycle Show this weekend.

This is my first show so should be interesting to get some feedback and hopefully drink some really good coffee. We ended squeezing 4 bikes onto the stand. My cyclocross bike, Lisy’s Mixte, my single(double) speed and the new 20 inch wheel bike.

I also finished a couple of bike frame stools as standing up for 3 days is probably going to be tiring. I added a rack to one of them so I has somewhere to put some business cards.

Spin London Cycle Show Stands

For the Spin London Cycle Show I needed to have some stands to show off the bikes. We did a bit of research at the Bespoked show in April to see what looked good. Having worked out how many bikes I can fit into (quite a small) stand we decided to have something to raise the bikes slightly off the ground and holds them in a stable way.

IMG_1589 3

I also got the plasma cutter out to make a few Tomo signs.

IMG_1592 3