Tube bender update

After chatting with Oli from DMO frameworks at Bespoked in April, I made some changes to my tube bender. Basically milling the slot deeper to try and reduce the amount the tube flattens. The initial test looks better so i’ll give it a further test and then look to recreate it in aluminium

005 004

Powder Coat Close ups

A few more detailed close ups of the frames powder coat.


009050 047 045 040 






The red frame was basically just cleaned. No filing fillets. It was a bit of an experiement to see how good (or otherwise) it would look so I was pretty pleased with the results.

Nice Powder

Well after much faffing I finally got these two down to the powder coaters (at Armourtex in Hackney).

It made a pretty cautious trip as the frame was wider the bars so filtering was an act of faith – remember the frames, remember the frames………

And then the most difficult bit – which colour to choose?



Frame number 2

Mountain bike frame for my son. Curvy chain and seat stays. Some nice Ritchey dropouts. It will be disk only and it’s pretty small. New attachment for the jig to hold the chain stays parallel which seemed to help.