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Post COVID racing

At last some racing has kicked off again. The Fixed Beers crew are running a fixed gear crit league at Herne Hill and Sam from the 1lifecycles team was kind enough to give the Tomo track bike an outing. It wasn’t specifically made for him but fitted up ok and we can use the experience to design one exactly as he wants it. Can’t wait to see where this goes next.

Tomo goes to Iceland

A Tomo gravel bike made it’s way out Iceland for The Rift gravel bike event with Peter. The bike did the business and the photos look amazing. This was my first proper gravel build and we learnt a few things. Columbus Zona tubing, Shimano 105 group, Ritchey, WTB, Salsa, Brooks bits. Rolls pretty nicely with 2.1 29er tyres. The long Ti seatpost seems to make it really plush. Just makes me want to go now.

Red Hook Crit Milano

About 6 months ago we got together with a couple of riders who had never raced before and set the objective to help them start racing with the lofty aim of entering the Red Hook Crit in Milan in October. Well it’s been a journey but we made it and what an experience it has been. It’s been great to help some dreams come true, progress our own and make some friends along the way. Milan was a blast. We were down to one rider for the race but Jamal Benmoussa did himself proud. Thanks to everyone who helped and encouraged us along the way. Now to the excitement of what comes next…



Mr Porter Nocturne results

Just an amazing day at the Nocturne in the centre of London. Drama from off when our man Jamal was hit by a taxi on the way to the start. Frankly we were just happy he was ok and able to start although pretty sore. Pretty daunting circuit not to mention the pace at the front. Jamal did himself proud and it was a great day. Next stop the Minet crit at Hillingdon.


Fixed Gear Race Team

This seems to have happened a bit quickly but due to a few quirks of fate, meeting a few people and a desire to take another step into the unknown we seem to have ended up with a fledgling Fixed Gear Race Team! This road may have already had a few twists and turns in it but we’ve been able to help two brilliant guys get to their first Fixed Gear Crit Race at the Thundercrit3 race at the Olympic Park in London. Fantastic event it was too. Not sure where this journey goes next other than Mr Port Nocturne next weekend:-)


Bespoked 18 tall bike ride

For a bit of fun we wanted to ride down to Bespoked 18 on tallbikes. Having built the first one my brother, Pete, and friend Scott ended up with number 2 and 3. To ensure I could keep up number 4 was built in the week before the show. Awesome weather had dried the trail. Bikepacking gear came into it’s own. Started at 7am to make the first 50 miles to meet up with Scott for lunch as he was coming up from deepest Hampshire. Going along the Sustrans route 4 which was just beautiful. 100 miles on the first day put us in Devizes for the night. We then polished off the last 40 into Bristol on Saturday morning whilst picking my son up in Bradford Upon Avon after a stonking breakfast in the Lock Inn Cafe. 4 test rides given on route, one BMX track ridden and a lot of smiles raised. Raising funds for the Mind mental health charity and having a blast along the way. (


Tall bike ride to Bespoked 18

In one of our less sane moments we thought what better idea than to ride down to the Bespoked bike show this year. To make it slightly more entertaining we thought this was a good opportunity to test out the tall bikes which also meant finishing 3 of them and having them in a fit state to do about 260 miles over the weekend for the return trip from London to Bristol. Seemed like a good idea at the time but as it gets a little closer, well it seems like a long way. To ensure we didn’t think about changing our mind we added the prospect of supporting a good cause into the bargain so will be raising funds for the mental health charity, Mind, through the justgiving link below. Any support anyone wants to offer up will be gratefully received to help such a worthy cause.

Spin London Show Report

067_2OMG! What an amazing time we had this weekend. So many thanks to all the lovely people we met and talked to, the other suppliers and the guys from Spin. Such an enjoyable weekend, we’re on a complete high. We got our first confirmed sales from the show this morning, which was brilliant. The stand seem to work pretty well and we had lots of positive comments about the bikes, handlebars and even the stools! We could do with some sales to get back to evens after Lisy visited the fabulous Trakke Bags stand.

Big up to our near neighbours Bobbins, Erenpreiss, Gi Bike, Vel-oh, Velowland, Hiplock, Arcc, Malcolm who made it a very sociable weekend. Lovely people you are and everyone we spoke to were just great.

We also came aware 3 amazing opportunities for collaboration with some great companies. Bring on the dawn, we’re up for it.

Setup at Spin London Cycle Show 2015

All set-up completed last night, ready for the Spin London Urban Cycle Show this weekend.

This is my first show so should be interesting to get some feedback and hopefully drink some really good coffee. We ended squeezing 4 bikes onto the stand. My cyclocross bike, Lisy’s Mixte, my single(double) speed and the new 20 inch wheel bike.

I also finished a couple of bike frame stools as standing up for 3 days is probably going to be tiring. I added a rack to one of them so I has somewhere to put some business cards.

Spin London Cycle Show Stands

For the Spin London Cycle Show I needed to have some stands to show off the bikes. We did a bit of research at the Bespoked show in April to see what looked good. Having worked out how many bikes I can fit into (quite a small) stand we decided to have something to raise the bikes slightly off the ground and holds them in a stable way.

IMG_1589 3

I also got the plasma cutter out to make a few Tomo signs.

IMG_1592 3


Bespoked 2014

Awesome bespoke bike show at the Olympic Velodrome. Lots of beautiful bikes there this year, a top class brownie from Look Mum No Hands and great weather for the ride home.