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Bike packing bags

April 6, 2020 by jon | Comments Off on Bike packing bags

I was planning a big trip for this year and as well as making the bike I fancied a go at making some bags for the trip. I’d never done anything like that before so got hold of a sewing machine and a very welcome bit of help from a friend for how to use it. These are the first attempts. Some cordura, wax-cotton and a bit of recycled climbing gear. Testing so far has gone well. Looking forward to doing more.

March 6, 2020
by jon
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Tall bike test ride

After finishing the build and paint of Cass’ tallbike we arranged a meet in Bristol for the build and test ride. We lucked out with the weather and had a great time cruising the town. To fully appreciate a tallbike … Continue reading

March 6, 2020
by jon
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Cass’ On-One tallbike

After meeting Cass Gilbert at the Bespoked show last year we agreed to make him a tall bike after he’d had taken some photos and had a quick test ride of mine. He had an On-One Inbred 29er that he … Continue reading

Red Hook Crit Milano

August 24, 2018 by jon | Comments Off on Red Hook Crit Milano

Earlier in the year we started a fixed gear crit race team to help a couple of guys go racing with the ultimate aim to get to the Red Hook Crit in Milan in October. It’s been a bit of a journey but the guys have done really well in the Thundercrit, Nocturne and Minet crit races. It’s been a joy to help them through the races so far and we’ve just got an entry into the Red Hook crit race in Milan. Looks like a cool skunk works roadtrip to Italy coming up.

Jenny’s ladies town bike

August 24, 2018 by jon | Comments Off on Jenny’s ladies town bike

It was some considerable time in the making but finally finished Jenny’s bespoke town bike. Columbus Chromor tubing, a few bends, hub gear, custom stainless basket rack and lovely Velo Orange mudguards.

Eske’s Balance Bike

August 5, 2018 by jon | Comments Off on Eske’s Balance Bike

This had been delivered to The Netherlands some time back but I had forgotten to post the final picture. Here’s the lovely Eske with her birthday Tomo Balance Bike:-)

TeamTomo at Minet Crit

August 5, 2018 by jon | Comments Off on TeamTomo at Minet Crit

What an awesome time we had at MinetCrit3 yesterday. Sun was out and the racing was hot. We welcomed Arthur to the team as our 3rd rider, they all did well in the races and it was a pleasure to take the next step on our journey.


Mr Porter Nocturne

June 9, 2018 by jon | Comments Off on Mr Porter Nocturne

Second race for our Fixed Gear Crit team today at the Mr Porter Nocturne race in London. We only managed to get one entry unless we find some last minute luck Jamal will be out on his own.

Classic roadster build

April 9, 2018 by jon | Comments Off on Classic roadster build

I wanted to build an classic style roadster with porteur style bars so when my son said that’s the sort of thing he wanted it was perfect. So this is his 21st birthday present which makes me feel nearly as old as the style of the bike! Having given it the obligatory test ride it rides really nice. Love the comfort of the bars. Columbus tubing, Alfine 8 hub gear, disc brakes to bring it up to date and British road proof Schwalbe tyres. Hopefully it will get plenty of use around York. 

2 out of 3 ain’t bad

August 7, 2016 by jon | Comments Off on 2 out of 3 ain’t bad

Inaugural bamboo bike ride was great fun and turned a few heads at the local cafe. Unfortunately we were one down due to late delivery of some wheels but the other two faired well. Interesting the amount of attention the unfinished ‘lugs’ got. It really did look like it was just tied up with string – cool!



Frame clearance

July 20, 2016 by jon | Comments Off on Frame clearance

IMG_3666I’ve got something slightly different underway and wanted to make something pretty short at the rear with close clearance. Looks like I won’t be using a bigger tyre than that then!

Brass singlespeed nuts

June 27, 2016 by jon | Comments Off on Brass singlespeed nuts

It seems that most of the nuts on single speed wheels look ok when new but cut up, rust and look pretty dreadful after w while. As part of a steam punk bike build we were looking to add various amounts of brass components and knocked up these brass wheel nuts and bottle cage bolts. They look soooo much better than the standard steel ones!

IMG_3513 (1)

Clear lacquer Single Speed

February 3, 2015 by jon

Finally built up with S2C hub, so not a single speed at all really. Suitably steam punk in clear lacquer over the blasted steel. Coaster brake so minimum of braze ons or cables. Just waiting for the snow to melt to give it a try. Can’t wait to try the bars out too. They feel really comfortable when stationary. Very natural hand/wrist position. Let’s see how they work.

Single2 Single3

June 23, 2014
by jon
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New Single Speed project

I’ve started on my new Singlespeed frame, to replace my Cooper. Columbus Chromor tuning and a few individual details to follow.